Throwback Thursday : RS Manohar - Exercising passion for drama in unbelievable style

RS Manohar - Exercising passion for drama in unbelievable style

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Over the ages and decades, Tamil cinema has witnessed this situation, where many actors started off their career as villains and later shined as protagonists. But RS Manohar was a blunt exception, where he delivered back to back 10-15 hits as a protagonist and then turned to be a baddie with victorious graph.

The versatile actor had such a great passion for drama that he would never give up performing on stage in spite of busy filming schedules. In fact, he was the one who pioneered with technical extravaganzas during the stage plays. The usage of flying chariots, the real impact of beheading massacre, heavy downpour of rain and many more wonders happened on a single stage.

There was a time, where he had to continuously perform a stage drama for 7 days in Salem. At the same time, he had to take part in a big budgeted MGR movie in Chennai. Did u know how he managed to handle both big tasks? He would take part in MGR shooting from morning 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and immediately by car would travel to Salem. Over there, he would perform in stage drama and again travel back to Chennai for the shoot.

Such an exceedingly passionate gesture for films and drama had made the entire Indian film industry acclaim his versatility.

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