Annadurai Trailer Review

Annadurai Trailer Review

Features 13-Oct-2017 11:02 AM IST RM Comments

There are certain things that Vijay Antony must really take care of. Yes, we love his screen presence and the choice of his scripts. But he looks emoting in a similar way in all his movies and even the technical aspects of the movie are seemingly influenced by him. The slow motion paced shots, the editing cuts and his body language along with mannerisms are stylish. But then, it looks so much prototyped that audiences might suddenly get tired off.

Maybe, it’s too early to judge a movie based on this 1 minute 20 seconds trailer. Of course, the story might be something unconventionally surprising, especially Vijay Antony playing dual roles as twin brothers. He would have precisely made some differentiations in the mannerisms and body languages. But then, the first impress remains to be the same.

Vijay Antony has made his debut as an Editor with this film and this furthermore makes us believe that he would have influenced editors of his erstwhile movies to go for his instructions. It could be a vice versa situation as well.

The theatrical teaser has a voiceover of Vijay Antony, which can be regarded as a different version of what ‘SJ Surya had it in the first trailer of Nenjam Marapathillai’. By the end of both these voiceovers, we see the synonymous ‘Yaman or Pei’ referred here. Well, this isn’t a similarity that would immediately break into your memories, but a faintest reminder.

Let us wait for the full length theatrical trailer to see if there could be yet more sensational highlights in the film.

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