Mersal gets 5 minutes 44 seconds deleted now

The British censor has passed 12A for Mersal with a running length of 163 minutes 21 seconds

News 13-Oct-2017 11:16 AM IST RM Comments

When the censor for Mersal by CBFC had passed UA, we were told that the film has a running length of 2hrs 47mins. Now with the British censorship, the film will get trimmed of 5 minutes 44 seconds, due to some heavy violence and few elements that are not appropriate for the family audiences out there. The censor for Malaysian release was PG-13 and everything seems to be going up with the same scenario.

Mersal is scheduled for a worldwide release on October 18 for the festive occasion of Diwali. Day by day, the film has been nurturing the audiences with huge expectations for lots of interesting information. It is also exciting to find out whether Vijay plays a dual or triple role in this movie.

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