5 commandments of TFPC favour TN film lovers

In accordance to the ongoing discussions with TN Government, TFPC President Vishal has revealed 5 rules

News 13-Oct-2017 12:41 PM IST RM Comments

The issue involving Tamil Nadu theatres Double Taxation has been really troubling all ends. The executive members and office bearers of Tamil Film Producers Council are constantly holding talks with Tamil Nadu Government ministers and Administer Officers as well. It looks like the issues are likely to settle shortly in an amicable manner. While it is reported that the TN Government might reduce the municipal tax from 10% to 8%, here are few amendments that we can hear from TFPC.

It is revealed by Vishal, President of Tamil Film Producers Council that

1. The theatres shouldn’t sell tickets more than the rate slabs fixed by State Government.
2. The food items sold in canteens should be charged with actual MRP.
3. No more parking charges
4. The booking charges on online hub will be reduced shortly.
5. Audiences must be allowed to take drinking water inside theatres.

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