SATURDAY SIZZLE - When Rajinikanth overtook Kamal Haasan in technological storm by 12 years

When Rajinikanth overtook Kamal Haasan in technological storm by 12 years

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When it comes to Indian film industry, it is definitely South Indian movies that have generated a technological bonanza on pars with Hollywood movie. Especially, the versatile personalities like Kamal Haasan, Shankar, SS Rajamouli and others have been surprising the Indian film industry with their maverick style of technological gold rush. These personalities have even left the so-called Bollywood film industry in complete awe over our brilliance.

To precise, Superstar Rajinikanth happens to be the one and only Indian actor to have been a part of different format movies. In his journey of 40 years, he has been a part of black and white, Eastman Colour, Full Colour Format, 3D and Motion Capture Technology based animation movies.

What’s much more surprising is the fact that everyone knows about the technological blow-up of using ‘Live Animation Combustion’ in Kamal Haasan’s Aalavandhan (2001). But even 12 years before this release, Rajinikanth’s movie had this technology. The film titled ‘Raja Chinna Roja’ had a song with the same title, where the animal characters are created through this process.

Moreover, Kamal Haasan was urged by situation to create this animation features to curb down the violence elements due to censor certification issues. It was done by the last minute of post-production phase in an unplanned manner. But when it comes to Rajinikanth’s movie, it was completely a part of screenwriting process as makers decided to enchant the audiences, especially kids.

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