Monday Wit - 2 unexpected rib-tickling moments of Karunakaran

2 unexpected rib-tickling moments of Karunakaran

Features 16-Oct-2017 1:23 PM IST Murugan Comments

Karunakaran happens to be a much celebrated comedian in the recent times, where he carries a unique feature. He makes sure of emoting well at a particular time, which unexpectedly brings up a flood of humour. There are times, when audiences will be prepared to experience a hilarious episode. With arrival of some comedians, we can predict what’s gonna happens next, but with Karunakaran, he has been trying something different.

Say for instance, in the film Jigarthanda, where he sleeps beside Siddarth. Siddarth turns towards his left side and sees a ghostly apparition of a lady cooking followed by Karunakaran asking him to look other side to find another ghost smoking cigar. This was something out of the blue humour and it created a stunning response in the theatre.

In all likelihood, Karunakaran creates an impeccably super show comedy in Jackson Durai. As soon as Sibiraj clears off the buzz that there is no ghost in the house, Karunakaran immediately pulls off a super humour by pulling a little boy from behind with a line of witticism. In actuality, he doesn’t know that it’s a real ghost and this sparks off a bigger humour.

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