Tuesday Romance - Suriya’s inspiring love story of a man should treat women

Suriya’s inspiring love story of a man should treat women

Features 24-Oct-2017 3:13 PM IST Murugan Comments

Men are always adorable when their qualities are genuine and so respectable. In fact, the films that have shown protagonists in such roles have always been an epitome of inspiration. There are love stories of two different patterns, where either the guy would hurt himself in case of love failure or in other end; will impose his brutal act upon the girl. But Suriya’s role in Unnai Ninaithu was so much honourable. Usually Vikraman movies would have such a beautiful delineation of protagonist.

In this film, we find Suriya as an innocent and honest man, who is in love with Laila. He makes sure that his girl is so much comfortable and completes her medical graduation. He waits patiently for her to become doctor and then marry her. But to his disappointment, the girl leaves him for the sake of luxury. Years later, he comes across her suffering along with family burdens. Suriya makes sure that she fulfils her dream and when she thinks that his love for her is still there, he gives a wonderful explanation. He advices her in such a way that it’s not love, but respect that the ones who we know shouldn’t suffer at any cost.

On the other end, he understands a soulful love that Sneha carries for him and they get united by the end.

Unnai Ninaithu had lots of wonderful message by the end, where it speaks sweetly that ‘Forget and Forgive the Past so that your Future is peaceful’ and ‘Never miss to have the respect for the ones who departed from you’ and lots more.

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