2.O Music Review

Awe-inspiringly stuns with ‘Sound’ and ‘Music’.

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The most luxurious film of this season with its magical mania spread out everywhere. 2.O is not just the talk of town, but has swept everyone off the feet on the global platform. The most ravishing album with high expectation hits the release with couple of tracks from AR Rahman. Let us have a look on how the trio combo of Rahman-Rajinikanth-Shankar works out after the tremendous success of Sivaji and Endhiran.

Raajali Nee Gaali
Singers: Blaaze, Arjun Chandy and Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Madan Karky

A much scintillating number that strikes up with a flawless and ultra-impact sound, where you get to experience a never-heard-before musical score.... It completely keeps us addicted as you will go for repeated hearings over and again. One of the simple yet attractive highlight about the song is that Madan Karky pens lyrics with rhyming ends that are so much easily understandable. In fact, with the music getting too international, this one balances up with the mass audiences to grasp it. In fact, Rajinikanth would have never got such a greater massive number in the recent times. The words like Mulangi and Birangi are creating a sense of fun and complete enjoyment. Arjun Chandy just leaves us speechless with his outstanding singing and the others on accompaniment like Blaaze and Sid Sriram nurture the song with more attraction.

Endhiralogathin Sundariyae
Singers: Sid Sriram and Saashaa Tripati
Lyrics: Madan Karky

The song starts off with a slow paced EDM style with the intonations of singers completely computerized. Nearly after couple of minutes, the transition into incredulous fast tempo pulls off our attraction that pumps our energy to a higher level. Sid Sriram might be quite unrecognizable with his voice for the initial moments due to the computerization, but we get to sense it lately in time. So happens to be the situation with Saashaa Tripati. When it comes to the instrumental part, AR Rahman has already give us such tremendous Techno oriented genre music in the past. But this one gets an upgraded level of sound clarity.

The couple of songs in 2.O gets the best with ‘Sound’ department and yes of course, the musical synch with it awesome. For the first few times, you hear the songs, it’s sound that gets to our attention. But it usually happens with most of the AR Rahman songs, where sound attracts us first followed by lyrics and little fill-ins lately in time.

Verdict : Awe-inspiringly stuns with ‘Sound’ and ‘Music’.

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