Saturday Sizzle - When Pulan Visaranai overtook Matrix in Bullet Technology

When Pulan Visaranai overtook Matrix in Bullet Technology

Features 28-Oct-2017 1:17 PM IST Murugan Comments

After reading this article, you must be really proud to speak about to be a part of Tamil cinema fan club. There is always a myth that Hollywood has always been advanced in technology and we are just pioneers in storytelling. For the past couple of decades, everyone is in awe of phenomenal CG works created in Hollywood movie ‘Matrix’, where the stunts with ‘Freeze’ technology and ‘Bullets’ moving in slow motion were highly praised. In fact, lots of hilarious spoofs were even played on it.

But looking back at our very own Pulan Visaranai that was released in 1990, RK Selvamani had used this bullet travelling in slow motion during the film’s climax. This was a real big sensational aspect in technological panorama of Indian cinema at that point of time.

The film featured Vijayakanth in lead role and Sarath Kumar as the baddie, where their combination of sequences were highly appreciated, especially the climax fight.

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