Tuesday Romance - When selfless and selfish love crosses path

When selfless and selfish love crosses path

Features 31-Oct-2017 12:16 PM IST Murugan Comments

It’s been 17 years, the film Parthen Rasithen was released and it still happens to be a much celebrated love story of all times. It had such an ever cherishing dramatic narration of fun and emotions, but it could let everyone connect so much because of its intense theme. It all happens in our mere lives, where we come across selfless, mutual, possessive and sometimes selfish love relationships. More than all, the one-sided love has carried more emotions.

Such happens to be the case of this film, where we happen to see the characterization of Simran being so much possessive and compelling. In spite of knowing that her close friend is in love with another girl, Simran has an one sided love for him. This leads her to go through drastic situations, where comes up with shocking acts. But then understanding the essence of true love she just gives upon him for a happy ending.

Director Saran had beautifully showcased this intense love story with lovely narration starring Prashanth, Laila and Simran in lead roles.

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