STR brings Harish Kalyan for Santhanam now

Harish Kalyan will be crooning the title track of Santhanam’s Sakka Podu Podu Raja composed by STR

News 3-Nov-2017 10:46 AM IST RM Comments

The bonding between STR and Harish Kalyan is getting much unconditional now. As soon as Harish came out of Bigg Boss house, STR personally greeted him with a good gift and message as well. Later, Harish was seen exhibiting his musical and singing nuance with a tribute to STR in a reality show. Now he is getting onboard to croon the title song of ‘Sakka Podu Podu Raja’ starring Santhanam and Vaibhavi in lead roles. It is worth mentioning that all the songs in the album are crooned by music directors and now it’s a special surprise to see Harish rendering his voice for a number here.

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