Aval Movie Review

Decently attempted and technically strong with some stereotypical horror insertions

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Direction : Milind Rau
Production : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Etaki Entertainment
Starring : Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah
Music : Girishh
Cinematography : Shreyaas Krishna
Editing : Lawrence Kishore

We’ve been literally tired watching lots of horror movies for its repeated formulae. Is Aval of this same kind?

Even we had the same assumption before watching the film. No doubt! These days, everyone has lost the interest of watching Tamil horror films for they all follow a stereotypical formula. But with Aval, we happened to see a difference right from the first shot. The prologue chapter happens in black and white format followed by Stephen King kind of title credits followed by chapters that are intense.

Horror movies usually have a buried past, a revenge to be settled by ghosts and redemption at end?

It’s same as a love story, where lovers have to get united or separated, joyful or tragic ending. The pattern of horror movies cannot be transformed, but it’s the treatment that matters, where audiences must be scared and excited at places, thereby enjoying the show. Over here, the tale revolves around a neurosurgeon (Siddarth) and his wife (Andrea) with a picture perfect life. But sooner, their lives are turned upside down, when they get new neighbours.

So do you mean to say that Aval has lots of sequences involving Goosebumps and eeriness?

We would say, the first hour completely offers a package of spooky moments, where audiences get shocked with unexpected Goosebumps. Revealing them would be a spoilsport and it has to be experienced by audiences in theatres. But then as the story travels to second hour, the repeated ghost images as in many horror movies actually hampers the impact of spine-chilling experience.

We’ve seen in many promotional occasions and interviews, where Siddarth and Aval team say the movie is made on Hollywood standards?

Of course, we would definitely agree with what they said and the team has worked so hard to keep up that promise. Especially, the special credits go to cinematographer Shreyaas Krishna for offering visuals that are completely International. The tone and camera angles are extraordinary with background score by Girish enhancing the spooky feel at many places.

How about the performances of actors here?

Everyone out here has exhibited a much proficient and matured performances. Siddarth has given more importance in living under the skin of his characterization. Watch out for his performance by the last 15 minutes, he just leaves everyone astounded. The other attraction in the star-cast is none other than Anisha, who has effortlessly done a marvellous job as an adolescent girl. Andrea Jeremiah does what is required for her role. Atul Kulkarni and others in the cast have given their best efforts.

So give us a final justification. Should we watch Aval? If so, what’s the reason?

Aval has a good writing, where we don’t see any scenes are unwanted. Right from the beginning, it sticks to the basic premise of tale. It scares us in places and the treatment of technical and narrative aspects are good. But then, the second hour gets some repeated quotients of images of ghosts and cheap thrills, which could have been avoided. If this was done, Aval would have been a definitely fantabulous game-changing horror film just like Yaavarum Nalam and Eeram had generated a rebirth of horror genre. For now, it’s a decent attempt and can be watched if you’re a real horror film buff.

Verdict : Decently attempted and technically strong with some stereotypical horror insertions.

Rating : 5/10

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