Tuesday Romance - Kamal Haasan’s back to back film with same dimensional love

Kamal Haasan’s back to back film with same dimensional love

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No doubt! When you’ve Kamal Haasan mentioned anywhere, we could instantly connect himself with his nuance performances, unconventional experiments with looks, avatars and technological spearheading. But more than anything, what we get so much coherent with him is the ‘Romantic’ films that he has done. Dating back to 30 years in time, there is something more of a speciality about his movies ‘Punnagai Mannan’ that was released in November 1986 followed by Kadhal Parisu in January 1987. Both these movies were released in a gap of just two months. To everyone’s surprise, the characterization of Kamal Haasan was so much the same as he bounds to have love failure that almost killed him to the core.

In Punnagai Mannan, we see that he attempts to commit suicide with Rekha, but gets saved up by fate and later falls in love with another girl (Revathi). Similarly, his next immediate film titled ‘Kadhal Parisu’. Much alike the other movie, we see him released from prison and this time not for murder charge, but for abusing a girl. On his way back to normalcy, he fall in love with another girl and later come to know that she is none other than younger sister of whom had pushed him behind the bars.

But in contrast, the ending is positive here. Both the movies features Kamal Haasan with love failure and his new lease of hope in life occurs with arrival of new girl, but with different ending. These movies beautified the career graph of Kamal Haasan with a much romantic dimension.

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