“I told Aramm script at 12 p.m. and got advance at 3 p.m.” - Gopi

Filmmaker Gopi was seen in so much emotional downpour as he praised Nayantara and Aramm producers for their earnest gesture

News 7-Nov-2017 1:30 PM IST RM Comments

Filmmaker Gopi Nainar looks so much affirmed of getting the best due credits for his debut directorial ‘Aramm’. The film is releasing this Friday (November 10) worldwide and the expectations are pretty good on its way. Nayanthara will be seen playing the role of an IAS officer, who is on the verge of fighting single hand to solve the critical issues of a village with water issues. Last evening, the entire team of Aramm excluding Nayantara happened to meet press and media. During this occasion, Gopi said, “I started narrating the script of Aramm at 12 p.m. and I got the advance money to direct it by 3 p.m. Such happens to be the confidence and hope that entire team of Aramm had upon me. There were lots of hurdles while shooting the film and if not for Nayanthara and Aramm team, this project would have not been possible. Nayanthara is such a good hearted person, who called me personally on phone before couple of days. She promised me saying that until I go to the next level of my career, she will be my support. I have nothing less than an earnest gratitude for her till end.”

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