Vikram’s Sketch title links with his role

Director Vijay Chander has mentioned that the title ‘Sketch’ will be very much relevant to the characterization of Vikram.

News 9-Nov-2017 10:54 AM IST RM Comments

The shooting of Vikram-Tamannaah starrer Sketch has been completed and the post-production works are happening in full swing. The initial plans were to release the movie for festive occasion of Christmas, which is a tentative decision. Filmmaker Vijay Chander in his recent interview has mentioned saying that there will be a lot of relevance between the title ‘Sketch’ and its relevance with the characterization of Vikram. “Just as you would see Vikram saying ‘Sketch Podalama’, he will be seen as a perfectionist in sketching plans that doesn’t miss at any cost,” says Vijay.

While the teaser and what we hear about the film is so much involved with the mass elements, we hear something special from ‘Vaalu’ director. He adds that there would be lots of prominence to the romantic portions involving Vikram and Tamannaah. “A meaningful relationship would be emphasized between both of them in this film,” tots up Vijay Chander.

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