Nenjil Thunivirundhal Movie Review

Fails to hold us intact in many places

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Direction : Suseenthiran
Production : Annai Film Factories
Starring : Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen Pirzada, Vikranth
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : Laxman Kumar
Editing : Kasi Viswanathan

Director Suseenthiran is known for his quickies and sometimes for his good quality movies. The films Vennila Kabadi Kulu, Naan Mahaan Alla and Pandiya Naadu have been highly regarded of such exemplifications. His much awaited Nenjil Thunivirundhal is hitting screens today and let us have a look on what works out best for the movie.


Sundeep Kishan had lost his father (T Siva) to a failed surgery and is now with his mother (Tulasi) and younger sister, who happen to be a doctor. His close friend (Vikranth) is in love with Sundeep’s younger sister without his knowledge. Meanwhile, city’s most notorious criminal (Harish Uthaman) is on the verge of killing both Vikranth and Sundeep’s sister for a mysterious reason. What’s the reason behind this motive is narrated through some suspense elements in latter part.


Sundeep Kishan established a prominent position for him in Kollywood through Maanagaram. If you’re keen to know if he has got the best utilization here in Nenjil Thunivirundhal, the answer would be ‘No’. Although, he has tried to give his best into the role he has performed, it is not well crafted with detailing. It’s not Sundeep alone, but even others in the star-cast face the same scenario. Say for instance, we are told that Sundeep, Vikranth and Soori along with their friends belong to catering course. But most of the time, the villain and his group are seen cooking. What’s the point of such character descriptions gets us perplexed. Harish Uthaman with his new makeover has done complete justice to his characterization. Mehreen could have actually looked up for a better debut. We’ve seen her performing at her best in Telugu movies, but Nenjil Thunivirundhal offers not more than couple of scenes to appear. Vikranth makes use of what is offered to him at the right levels. Soori doesn’t have much to get us into laughter mode and Appukutty aka Siva Balan appears in blink and miss role.


The basic premise of this film and plot that Suseenthiran has handled is worthy of appreciations. It deals with a serious social issue of the current times, but the way of project becomes too fallible. The first half is far-far away from the actual story, which has the conflicts raised only after intermission. Some twists and turns in the second half might keep the audiences away from getting distracted. But it’s too late for the actual premise to be opened up. It happens in the films like Naan Mahaan Alla and Pandiya Nadu, where the first half is played soft followed by intense moments in second hour. But those movies had appealing screen presence of lead actors. While this one seems almost like missing the factor, Suseenthiran should have made the first half yet more engaging. The characterizations should have been yet much better. Suseenthiran had mentioned in one of his interviews that heroine has been included for namesake and she will not take the story anywhere forward. Then, why should be bring her into the picture unnecessarily.

Cinematography by Lakshman is commendable and he has captured the visuals of Chennai and other places at best, especially the night shots. Editing could have been better though and background score by D Imman is worthy appreciable.

What works?

1. Few moments in second half
2. Background score by D Imman
3. Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1. Performance and characterization
2. Editing
3. First half

On the whole, Nenjil Thunivirundhal could have been on pars with Naan Mahaan Alla and Pandiya Naadu, if it was attempted with a much intense writing on narration and characterization.

Verdict : Fails to hold us intact in many places

Rating : 4/10

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