Ippadai Vellum Movie Review

A film with vagueness and flimsy elements

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Direction : Gaurav Narayanan
Production : Lyca Productions
Starring : Udhayanidhi Stalin, Manjima Mohan, Radhika, RK Suresh
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : Richard M. Nathan
Editing : Praveen K L

Udhayanidhi Stalin had couple of releases this year that includes Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen and Podhuvaaaga En Manasu Thangam. With both these movies turning to be a comedy caper, the trailer of Ippadai Vellum gave an impression of being a serious premise. The film is directed by Gaurav Narayanan of Thoonga Nagaram and Sigaram Thodu fame with Lyca Productions bankrolling it.


Set on the hyperlink pattern of storytelling, the film revolves around three different characters at different places. Daniel Balaji is a notorious criminal associated with terrorists to plant bomb in different parts of South India that includes Chennai. Then there is Udhayanidhi Stalin, who is insisted by his girlfriend (Manjima Mohan) for register marriage without consent of family members. Soori is a dubbing artist and his wife is to deliver a baby soon. All these characters bounce upon each other for no reason upon a day that changes their course of life forever.


The first and foremost question that would be asked by every audience after the show is whether Ippadai Vellum is a serious thriller or comedy drama. This should have been either a black comedy or completely off an intense thriller. But Gaurav Narayanan trying to blend both together ruins the game to a greater extent despites having a good plot in hand... The hyperlink stories are getting more in numbers these days and this one too belongs to the same genre. Lots of logical misses in the film, which are loudly noticeable makes the film too average. Daniel Balaji is depicted as a dangerous terrorist and a prisoner, who is supposed to be in solitary confinement as freedom to roam here and there inside a prison. Almost every character in the film is shown as mindless characters and this includes police officers, doctors, etc. D Imman does what is required by him for background score, but the songs are disappointment. In fact, they don’t stick the screenplay anywhere, which is already tedious. Cinematography and editing could have been better.


Udhayanidhi Stalin has been attempting to improvise his acting style from film to film. Over here, he gets to make some modifications to his body language and his performance is good too. It looks like Manjima Mohan desperately has to pull herself into a film like Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada to score our attention. She doesn’t get anything to perform here. Soori tries to tickle our funny bones, but most of them are just at the mediocre level. Daniel Balaji as the notorious criminal gives an impressive performance. RK Suresh is good with his acting. Radhika Sarathkumar although doesn’t get to appear much makes the best out of her portions.

What works?

1. Star Cast
2. background score

What doesn’t work?

1. Treatment of story and screenplay
2. Logical issues
3. Characterizations

On the whole, Ippadai Vellum keeps us wondering if it’s a serious film or a comedy caper till the end and even after the show is over.

Verdict : A film with vagueness and flimsy elements

Rating : 4/10

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