Aramm Movie Review

Brilliantly told and colossally presented

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Direction : Gopi Nainar
Production : KJR Studios
Starring : Nayanthara
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography : Om Prakash
Editing : Ruben

Director Gopi was on headlines for his much sensational news about Kaththi script. He is now making his debut directorial with the film ‘Aramm’ that features Nayantara in lead role. The film is touted to be a social thriller that is set against the backdrops of a span in one day. Let us have a sneak peek in the film’s synopsis followed by its


Set against the backdrops of a village near Sriharikota, where the Indian satellite rocket is to be launched, we get to see a critical incident. A small girl falls into the uncovered manhole well and it stirs up a controversial ground for politicians, public and media. Nayanthara who happens to be a district collector gets into the situation for setting things right. Will she be able to save the child or let it go succumb to the fate forms crux of the story…


First things first! What we get more attracted towards the film is strong and substantial writing by Gopi. He rigidly proved to be an outstanding writer than a director. It doesn’t mean that he goes below the middling graph of directorial skills. He exhibits a much proficient craftsmanship as a filmmaker. The first few minutes of this film might be slightly sluggish, but the momentum during post-intermission sequences is at the pinnacle of thrill moments. Some of the sequences are very well shot that it keeps us completely intact. On the flip side, we tend to see that lots of other issues being discussed by the characters in the film. There is a news channel that holds a debate on the issue of child being forsaken and at the same time about satellite rocket launch. This might give an impression of watching a Docu-drama, but it doesn’t prolong for a greater stretch. The running length of 120 minutes is perfect time and anything more than that would instantly become a spoilsport. There are little dramatic moments that look artificial, especially the one during penultimate scene to climax, where the villagers come forward to send their children for rescue mission. But that doesn’t again tend to be a diminishing factor. The other issues regarding water and industrial impact are even discussed at the minute levels. Maybe, this can be regarded as a lady collector’s enlightenment about the current issues that provokes her to go for a drastic decision by end. It cannot be revealed as it would become a spoiler again, which you need to witness by the end credits.

Technically, the film stands out with brilliant flash points that include cinematography by Om Prakash. Most of the songs are seen as montages and that doesn’t hamper the progression of screenplay. But Ghibran surpasses the song with background score, which would definitely be nominated for award ceremonies. Om Prakash spells a crème de la crème with his visual prominence, particularly the night shots have been resplendently done.


In the recent times, we have been witnessing the potential panorama of Nayantara for the kind of scripts she chooses. In this film, she has done a neat job and has lived under the skin of her characterization. Kudoses to the heroine for not getting exaggerated with her performance anywhere and she will definitely the leap of laurels for this role. Others in the cast have exhibited a nuance performance irrespective of their prominence.

What works?

1. Basic premise and screenplay
2. Ghibran’s background score
3. Casting and performance

What doesn’t work?

1. Nothing to mention in particular

Overall, Aramm gives an engaging show throughout and it holds an emotional package laced with social context, which makes it worth watchable.

Verdict : Brilliantly told and colossally presented

Rating : 6/10

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