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Simply elegant and refreshing

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The critical acclaims are already strong over the reception of Aruvi and the entire town curiously awaits the release. The album composed by Vedant and Bindhumalini has something unique with its presentation that includes even the title of every song. Aruvi is produced by Dream Warrior Pictures with Arun Prabhu Purushothaman wielding the megaphone.

Baby Track (Kukkotti Kunaatti)
Singers: Vedant Bharadwaj, Bindhumalini & Praniti
Lyricist: Kutti Revathi

The song travels mostly in the genre of Acapella that comes blended with simple yet mellifluous instrumental quotients. The trend of Acapella has been quite evident in plethora during the recent times and this one is exceptionally good and creative too. The prelude runs into length but with beautiful musical impression with peck of violins and violas. The singers Vedant Bharadwaj, Bindhu Malini and Praniti beautify the song with freshness and it is so much compelling. The Cello portions that comes well adhered to the intonating portions and the lyrical lines by Kutti Revathi describes the growth a baby girl, which is signified with words like Kutty Kolukatta and Inippu Sakkara.

Teen Track (Asaindhadum Mayil)
Singer: Bindhumalini
Lyricist: Oothakkaadu Venkata Subbaiyer

The song starts on a purely Carnatic style and gets into a western mode with a similar pattern of Acapella, which gets the best impact with Bass Guitar and Trumpet. Much alike the previous song, the prelude remains in longer duration with trumpet and Bass guitar, which gets mixed with Accordian by the latter part of time. The percussions are played mildly throughout the song.

Liberty song (Cement Kaadu)
Singer: Bindhumalini
Lyricist: Kutti Revathi & Arun Prabu Purushothaman

While glimpsing upon the tracks of Aruvi, we can clearly get to see the narrative structure of this film as it travels through different phases of a girl’s life. Liberty song translates into peppy mood with western panache of rhythmic pattern. Vedant Bharadwaj handling guitars has contributed a lot to the song while trumpets being used in this song look intentional. A version without trumpet would have been better.

Party song (Uchcham thodum Anbin Kodi)
Singers: Bindhumalini, Vasu Dixit
Lyricist: Kutti Revathi

When you get to see the title ‘Party Song’, our assumptions would be probably getting into a peppy, heavy metal, techno or hip-hop genre. But what we get to hear is something different. The song adds more emotions in a much different style and everyone involved in the song including the music director Bindumalini who has crooned the song along with Vasu Dixit has done a colossal work.

Hope (Merku Karaiyil)
Singers: Bindhumalini, Vedant Bharadwaj
Lyricist: Arun Prabhu Purushothaman

Maybe for the first few tracks, we might be wondering why is that Bindhumalini is seen crooning all the songs. Well, it’s so clear that the music producers are keen that soul of Aruvi should have a same voice and it is done with beauty through this music director. All the songs in this album are dominated by guitars though in mildness. Over here, it remains the same but gets beautiful embellishments through the lyrical lines of Arun Prabhu Purushothaman.

Aruvi theme (Moods of Aruvi)
Singer: Bindhumalini

By the end of album, we get to see lots of appealing things on analysis, but certain stereotypical elements could have been slightly avoided to give freshness in every track. Say for instance, the humming and Acapella portions by Bindumalini give a same impression in all songs. This being avoided would have been much more appreciable. But overall the Aruvi Theme brings up vividness in the instrumentals.

Overall, the musical score by Bindhumalini and Vedant Bharadwaj definitely deserves appreciation. They give an equal balance between vocalisms, lyrical clarity and musical portions. As mentioned in the last song analysis, it would have been better if few prototyped elements were reduced or else, Aruvi album narrates the entire story through its musical components.

Verdict : Simply elegant and refreshing

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