Tuesday Romance - Teen romance beautified with soulful elegance

Teen romance beautified with soulful elegance

Features 14-Nov-2017 12:11 PM IST Murugan Comments

When we speak about love stories of teenage, it would obviously link with the term of adolescences, which perhaps would adhere to hormonal love indeed. But there have been certain movies in Tamil cinema that are so much ageless for the reason that depicted a love of that age with beautiful soulfulness. Amongst films of such rarity, it was filmmaker Cheran portraying it in ‘Autograph’ that was preceded by Thangar Bacchan’s Azhagi. What made the film so much adored is the fact that it touched the core of true love rather than physical intimacies, which later became the central theme of many movies.

The memories of first love never fade! It’s divine that soaks itself into your hearts and souls! Both the filmmakers Thangar Bacchan and Cheran illustrated the stories of school times in an elegant manner.

We at Top 10 Cinema hope that at these contemporary times, where the perception of love has changed, filmmakers try to revive the beauty of love through their movies and celebrate it.

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