Anna Durai Music Review

Simple and appreciable work by Vijay Antony

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Vijay Antony starrer Anna Durai features 5 songs that includes a theme song and a reprised version of a track as well. The film is directed by G. Srinivasan and is produced by Radhika Sarathkumar of R Studios in association with Fathima Vijay Antony.

Thangama Vairama
Singer: Karthik and Ananthu
Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

We have mentioned in some of our previous music reviews featuring the musical score of Vijay Antony. Ananthu carries a similar intonating style of Vijay Antony and if you’re not reading the details about singer in this track, you would mistake him for Vijay Antony. The rendition of Karthik by the first verse is so much compelling. The song has been composed with a rural based retro style music. The kind of musical instrumentals like percussion and flutes take us back to 90s style of Vikraman movie music.

Annadurai Theme
Singer: Ananthu
Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

The song is nothing but a collection of words and music from the previous song ‘Thangama Vairama’, which is done in a slow placed version. The orchestral works in the backdrops are emotionally connecting. To make sure that the song doesn’t get too rural, the western instrumentals like fortepianos and strings are used properly.

Singers: Santhosh and Surpiya Joshi
Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

A medium paced sangfroid number that travels in the usual style of Vijay Antony composing with mild and simple rhythmic accompaniments.... The instrumental portions too sound balanced with even the instruments like distorted and electronic guitars used in gentleness. The fill-ins we get to hear and the instruments that accompany almost like second voices are exquisitely good. Santhosh and Supriya Joshi have tried rendering the completely in rural style and it works out.

Singer: Ananthu
Voice: Andrew
Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

It sounds like a song placed during the crucial part of the movie. The theme and nature of songs gives a clear impression that lots of interesting moments would be seen as montages. Very rarely songs become an intriguing part of screenplay and hearing this song gives such a feel. This kind of musical composing isn’t something new to Vijay Antony as we tend to get reminiscent of some of his previous compositions. The slow paced strings by the second interlude with the voice of Andrea add up more emotions to the song, which is very well carried by Ananthu.

Odathey (Pathos)
Singer: Ananthu
Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

The composing tune of the song is much similar as the other version, but the difference occurs through the interludes and preludes in accordance with the slow tempo. Apart from these factors, the portions crooned by Ananthu remains to be the same as other version. But when compared to the other track, this one has so much of attractive package.

As on whole, Annadurai is album that comprises of simple yet emotional ingredients in most of the songs. The songs give an impression that it is going to be a decorous family entertainer and it would have its realms with the visuals.

Verdict : Simple and appreciable work by Vijay Antony

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