STR’s Demonetization song clarified by director

Filmmaker Arul has now clarified the backdrops of ‘Demonetization’ in his upcoming film ‘Thatrom Thookrom’.

News 16-Nov-2017 10:28 AM IST RM Comments

Filmmaker Arul makes his debut directorial with the film ‘Thatrom Thookrom’, which is based on the fictional lives of three young boys, who are stuck in dangerous situation imposed by a politician and how they escape from his clutches. Recently, a song featuring STR as playback singer based on Demonetization was released as single track, which has created sensational response. On clarifying this, director Arul mentions that there isn’t anything that hurts the sentiments of anyone. The screenplay actually has a sequence, where Demonetization is announced and the song reflects the mindsets of those individuals, who didn’t have any idea about the economical prospect at that time. Or else, the song has nothing to do with any analysis or research on demonetization.

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