Nachiyaar Teaser Review

Nachiyaar Teaser Review

Features 16-Nov-2017 11:27 AM IST RM Comments

hen something comes from the store of Bala, you’ll have to get prepared to receive the intense heaviness he delivers. Be it the changeover of actors, strong characterizations or brutal realities, he never misses to deliver them with an impeccable style. The teaser of his upcoming release ‘Nachiyaar’ has been unveiled now and it holds the same traits that has every reason to get us propelled towards it. Starting off with the first highlighting trait, this could be regarded as the first time, where we see a city backdrop in a Bala movie.

The establishing shots of city lights, multi-storeyed buildings and highways with car chases are more than enough to prove this paradigm. Next obvious element of attraction is the screen presence of Jyothika. None would have predicted about such a substantial role designed upon her, especially for the last shot. On the other hand, it is GV Prakash, who has completely surrendered himself to the master of new dimension – Bala. Maybe, his dancing style and other mannerisms might have a stereotypical project of Bala movie protagonists, but he seems to have complete justice to his role. Maestro Ilayaraja fills the entire zone with his thundering BGM.

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