Friday Fury - 5 big surprises of Blockbuster hit movie 'Kasi'

5 big surprises of Blockbuster hit movie 'Kasi'

Features 17-Nov-2017 12:41 PM IST Murugan Comments

Every Friday we are bringing some of the best moments of blockbuster movies in Tamil cinema. This week, v focus upon one of the most prominent Tamil movies, witchery men's as the evergreen seasonal masterpiece. We are talking about Chiyaan Vikram starrer Kasi, which established the new Avatar of the National Award winning actor. Here are the five big surprises of the Blockbuster movie which might look coincidental and sometimes surprising as well.

1. All the songs in this movie are rendered by one and only Hariharan. This was the first ever time such an attempt was made in Tamil music industry after a very long time.

2. In a musical context, all the songs of this movie have a similar musical genre.

3. The unpredictable screenplay, especially for the second half towards the Revenge seeking plans of Vikram well completely unpredictable till the end.

4. It is worth mentioning that the original version in Malayalam featured late actor Kalabhavanmani in lead role. Later, both the actors Vikram and Kalabhavanmani were seen together sharing the screen space in 'Gemini'. In fact, there is one particular sequence in the film, where both hero and villain make fun of each other using the 'Kasi' mannerisms.

5. Yet another highlighting treat about the movie is that Vikram will be seen wearing the same costume throughout the movie.

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