Monday Wit - When Vivek recollects his own humour in emotional style

When Vivek recollects his own humour in emotional style

Features 20-Nov-2017 11:36 AM IST RM Comments

This doesn’t happen most of the times, where comedians are seen in an emotional avatar. Many years back in time, we happened to see comedy actors like Late Nagesh completely in an emotional role (Ethir Neechal). But here with this Monday Wit, we bring you a look upon comedy actor Vivek, who played lead role alongside Arulnithi in ‘Brindavanam’. The film had a decent run in multiplexes and after its digital release too has been garnering good response.

In this film, Vivek plays himself as a comedy actor who comes to Ooty for a personal purpose and his encounters with Arulnidhi, a speech and hearing impaired chap changes both their lives forever.

During most of the scenes, Vivek hides his identity with monkey cap and during one such instance, he sees a passerby saying, “Yaarume Illadha Kadaila Yaarukkuda Tea Aathura’. This happens to be all time favourite dialogue of Vivek from one of his previous movies. After hearing them use this line for reference, Vivek says, “Oh! Still people are thinking about these humorous lines?”

It is a fact that even today in reality, we often use this phrase for referring the workaholics and few other people who show off their work for namesake.

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