“This is not a suicide, but murder” – Vishal’s request to police

Vishal has expressed his anguish and infuriation towards the suicide of Sasikumar’s manager Ashok Kumar due to Usury Interest issues

News 22-Nov-2017 10:50 AM IST RM Comments

Now and then, Tamil film industry producers have been facing the most gruesome situation of being dominated by ones offering usury interest (Kandhu Vatti). Last night, it turned out to be a shocking incident to see that Sasikumar’s manager and his co-producer of all his movies Ashok Kumar committed suicide. It is learnt that it was due to the high pressures from Madurai Gopuram Films Arun Chezhian and a police case has been filed against him for instigating a suicidal tendency in Ashok Kumar.

Expressing his grief over the horrible situation, Vishal being the President of Tamil film producer council has said, “I am completely broken getting to know about the suicide of Ashok Kumar due to terrible pressure and threatening from Kandhuvatti money lenders. This issue has been terrorizing the public and has now started haunting the Tamil Film Producers as well. Suicide is not a solution to any problem. I request producers who are succumbing to such threats from money lenders with Usury interest must approach the Council. A humble request to police, this is not a suicide, but murder. So please take the necessary and strong action against this act. I request all producers to come together with the union and bring an end to this cruel situation. I give a final warning to such usury interest money lenders to wind up their business and quit our industry. Or else, they will be facing serious consequences.”

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