Semma Botha Aagathey Music Review

Rhythms and Sound Mixing become top highlights in this album

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A collaboration that happens after a very long time with Semma Botha Aagathey – Yuvan Shankar Raja, Atharvaa Murali and Badri Venkatesh. The film is produced by Atharvaa Murali under the banner Kickass Entertainment featuring Mishti and Anaika Soti in female lead characters.

Semma Botha Aagathey
Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Rokesh, Badri Venkatesh

The song has been getting the best reception from the time it was released as a single track. Yuvan Shankar Raja has been always the master of such techno based genre songs, which has been this favourite zone. The interludes repeated here throughout the song happens to be the cherry pick. The lyrical lines by Rokesh and Badri Venkatesh are good, but they lack clarity due to heavy sound. But Yuvan Shankar Raja manages to get it more at his best on rendition.

Singer: Ranjith, Anita
Lyrics: Rokesh

Yuvan Shankar Raja pumps up the instrumental part with his highly voguish style, which gets us high on enthusiasm. But the vocalism composing could have been better and it looks mediocre for the first few times you hear. But as you keep listening to it, especially if you’re a Kuthu song lover, you have chances of getting addicted to it.

Idhayathai Oru Nodi
Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Niranjan Bharathi

A melody that comes in the typical style of Yuvan Shankar Raja, which gives us fainting memories of his crème de la crème melodies of early 2000s. This is definitely going to be a much favourite of Yuvan Shankar Raja fans. The instrumental portions are very well tuned up and what makes the song is so emotionally packaged are the lyrical lines by Niranjan Bharathi.

Gaali Pannura
Singer: Ramya Nambeesan
Lyrics: Badri Venkatesh

When it comes to composing songs based on sensual element, Yuvan never misses to make its ambience brew up. The song is just middling in parts with Remya Nambeesan giving a different rendition and this is the first time, we get to hear something exceptional when compared to her erstwhile albums. The song might gets its dose with the visuals and how it is placed.

Survival Theme

Perhaps, this could be the very shorted theme music that Yuvan Shankar Raja would have composed till the date. It has some elements of going through the downfalls and then eyeing for redemption expressed through strings and mild orchestration.

On the whole, couple of songs, especially the melodious rendition by Yuvan Shankar Raja works out for the first time. Other songs might take its own time for the enhancement, maybe, with the visuals. But when it comes to rhythmic episode and mixing, Yuvan Shankar Raja proves unbeatable.

Verdict : Rhythms and Sound Mixing become top highlights in this album

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