Tuesday Romance - An invisible love in Monisha En Monolisa

An invisible love in Monisha En Monolisa

Features 28-Nov-2017 1:35 PM IST Murugan Comments

The multi-faceted personality of Tamil cinema, T Rajendar is far-famed for his wonderful love stories that are regarded ageless. Till now, some of his best love stories are considered as evergreen masterpieces. He made a film by late 90s close to 2000 called ‘Monisha En Monalisa’.

This was a very unique love story, where hero falls in love with heroine and he keeps insisting her to fall in love. By the point of climax, where the heroine who doesn’t have a soft corner for him suddenly develops and the disappointing thing is that he is dead already and she doesn’t see his face. The pain that TR delivers through the eyes of girl by the end is so much deplorable and it was like million pathos.

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