Thiruttu Payale 2 Movie Review

A film that comes with strong premise but gets eclipsed with feeble writing

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Direction : Susi Ganeshan
Production : AGS Entertainment
Starring : Bobby Simha, Prasanna, Amala Paul
Music : Vidyasagar
Cinematography : P. Chelladurai
Editing : Raja Mohammad

Nearly before a decade, director Susi Ganesan made the film Thiruttu Payale, which was highly appreciated for its strong content and characterizations. More than any other element, the way of narration was highly appreciated. Now the same production house and director come together for a film titled Thiruttu Payale 2. Let us have a sneak peek into the film synopsis followed by analysis.


Bobby Simha plays a police officer who is assigned for the Call Tapping job. Using this highly confidential designation, he gets indulged in fraudulent act of looting money from high profiled business and politicians. On an Unexpected turn, he finds out that a conniving handsome guy (Prasanna), who flirts and misuses women on Facebook, is in touch with his wife (Amala Paul). Bobby Simha is severely squeezed between professional and personal pressures and how he confronts the situation forms basic premise of the story.


As mentioned earlier, the first part released before a decade was highly appreciated for an unconventional theme. But, this movie lacks certain things that would keep the audiences engaged throughout the show. The first few minutes of the movie, which showcases or in other words establishes the characters are shown with crispness. But all of sudden the momentum of the movie slightly drops down and hardly we do see the thriller elements. With the portions involving Prasanna, most of the sequences faintly remind us off his very own yesteryear movie 'Muran'. Intermission sequence actually kindles so much curiosity to see what is going to happen next.. But over disappointment, the second half travels in a much slow paced Momentum with some interesting sequences. Although, Susi Ganesan has tried exiting the current trend of gadget oriented drama, he fails to offer an engrossing screenplay. The background score by Vidyasagar in few places are really worthy of appreciations. Couple of melodious songs are good, but they don't look appropriate for the screenplay. Cinematography is just ok and it could have been much finer. Editing in many places turns out to be amateur. But it has to be mentioned that in few places, the way the sequences between current and flashback moments or juggled is finely done by the editor. With running length of more than 2 hours the raciness is completely lacking in this movie. But Susi deserves special mention for making a film with an issue, which is hard-hitting and realistic.


This could turn to be a much stereotypical statement that cannot be avoided. Bobby Simha still remains into the world of Rajinikanth. He has to try is this to get out of that image and give a nuance performance. But there are few sequences where he has really done a good job. Watch out for the sequence where he listens to the telephonic conversation and gives a good reaction. Prasanna has done hard work to portray himself as a baddie, but this role demands a charming chap rather than a just well built model like person. Amala Paul is a real mismatch to the characterization and her Tamil with Malayalam slang turns out to be a major minus. Susi Ganesan appearing as a detective does nothing but clicks pictures at various characters till end. There are couple of sequences, which alone get us excited. The one is when Bobby Simha, Prasanna and Amala Paul meet at home and other one is where Prasanna is hit by strangers and Bobby Simha sets out to save him.

What works?

1. The basic plot of the film
2. Background score

What doesn’t work?

1. Star-cast and performance
2. Lengthy duration

If Susi Ganesan had tried presenting the film with more substantial sequences with raciness, thereby limiting the film to 2hr version, Thiruttu Payale 2 would have been a real good show.

Verdict : A film that comes with strong premise but gets eclipsed with feeble writing

Rating : 4.5/10

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