Aruvi Trailer Review

Aruvi Trailer Review

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There are times, when we get so much attached with a film for one reason. Much beyond the factors like star-cast and technicians ascribing a film’s attention, there is something more exceptional. It is admired for one reason, the CENTRAL CHARACTER, which attracts us so much and insists us to enter their world and journey along with them. Such happens to be the instance of Aruvi, which has been highly raved across many International Film Festivals. Now with the film hitting screens on December 15, the theatrical trailer has been unveiled.

The trailer showcases the different phases of Aruvi, a beautiful girl who suddenly transforms into different shades. Is she changing the shades or is it how we look at her? This is one of the intriguing elements in the film and we are sure it will definitely impress the audiences. What’s more highlighting in the trailer are couple of elements. One is the screen presence of Aditi Balan, a lawyer by profession, who has breathed her soul in the life of Aruvi. The way she is projected gets us more attached to her and one cannot wait to see what’s really happened in her world.

The editing has been neatly done and it evokes much more interest towards the film. There is less usage of background for nearly the entire show. It is more of ‘Sound’ that is neatly done.

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