Vishal seeks blessings of Kamaraj, MGR and Jayalalitha

Before filing his nomination for RK Nagar By Elections, Vishal paid his respect to these legendary leaders of Tamil Nadu

News 4-Dec-2017 11:40 AM IST RM Comments

Actor Vishal has been proving his proficiency of leadership skills with a vast impact. It has been so much illustrious with his success in South Indian Artistes Association and Tamil Film Producers Council. Now the actor has now taken a step ahead and is contesting in RK Nagar By Elections that is being held by this month. He will be filing the nomination in few more minutes. Much before taking this important leap, he sought the blessings of Late politicians and former Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu – Kamaraj, MGR and Jayalalitha by visiting their memorials and paying them respect. Actors Arya and Prakash Raj will be joining the campaign in favour of Vishal for this RK Nagar By Elections.

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