Tuesday Romance - Selvaraghavan’s Irandam Ulagam proved love after death is not fantasy

Selvaraghavan’s Irandam Ulagam proved love after death is not fantasy

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There are few concepts or themes that when released might not cater to the tastes of audiences, but as time advances will become their closest attention. Such movies can be considered as mysterious paintings that might take sometimes even hundreds of years to unveil its real meaning. Selvaraghavan’s Irandam Ulagam was such a great illustration, where he tried to project the concept of ‘LOVE’ in a much different shade. Perhaps, many would have considered this to be a fantasy comedy, where a man gets to see his soul mate who passed away is still mortal in different worlds. This concept or theory is said to be true by some of the greatest spiritual masters, hermits and saints. If someone’s love is so true beyond the world’s perception, there is no end to their journey as it will continue even in the ‘ASTRAL WORLD’.

It’s quite a rarity that many flip through the spiritual books that records some of the real life testimonies. Such incidents are recorded in many such books written by Paramahamsa Yogananda, Swami Rama and many prominent spiritual saints. It is noteworthy that Selvaraghavan had gone through a phase of being voracious readers of such philosophies. This should have prompted him to go for such inspirations and when the film is viewed in this context, it would definitely get a different value.

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