Richie Movie Review

Falls short of expectations

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Direction : Gautham Ramachandran
Production : CAST n' CREW
Starring : Nivin Pauly, Nataraj, Shraddha Srinath
Music : B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Cinematography : Pandi Kumar S
Editing : Athul Vijay

Nivin Pauly’s first direct Tamil movie titled ‘Richie’ is a remake of super hit Kannada movie ‘Ulidhavaru Kandante’. The film is directed by Gautham Ramachandran with an ensemble star-cast including Shraddha Srinath, Nataraj Subramanian and Prakash Raj.


The film is about a journalist (Shraddha Srinath) setting out to unravel the mystery behind a particular incident that happened on a day before Christmas. As she embarks on the journey of uncovering the truth, she comes across different people sharing their views on what happened and how that particular incident changed the lives of few people in an unexpected way.


There are certain things that usually happen with the remake of Malayalam and Kannada movies into Tamil. These regional movies boast of strong geographical culture, which when remade in Tamil might lose its impact. Such happens to be the situation with Ulidavaru Kandante and Richie. Usually, comparing couple of movies in an analysis might not be an appropriate thing, but then, there are few things that actually hinder the film’s progression. First reason could have been the title. The film isn’t just about a single character called ‘Richie’. It traverses through the lives of different people and they get connected eventually. The other element is that the cultural backdrops in accordance to region go missing. The characterizations look incomplete and they could have been sketched yet more appealingly. In fact, the characterization of Richie gets shaped up slowly, but by that time, it’s end of show time. We do see a mythical statue that has a history back to 2000 yrs. Even that isn’t shown properly.

But the greatest highlights are the technical brilliance. The cinematography with natural lightings are done perfectly and even the background score by Ajaneesh is worthy of appreciations.


Nivin Pauly is known as Mr. Perfectionist when it comes to carrying his role with excellence in whatever characterization it might be. He has given his best dubbing Tamil in own voice, though we slightly tend to notice his Malayalam slang. Shraddha Srinath appears in minimal role. Prakash Raj as church priest doesn’t get a proper light on his characterization. Being a priest, who preaches spirituality and peace, we tend to wonder why he is so much adamant with his adopted son. Raj Bharath looks promising and does his portions well. Natraj Subramaniam takes a cakewalk with this native based role. Lakshmi Priya is good in her performance. Vishal’s father G.K. Reddy does what his required for the role.

What works?

1. Cinematography and BGM
2. Performance

What doesn’t work?

1. Weak writing, especially characterizations
2. Directionless screenplay

Richie carries a substantial plot, which could have been narrated with a much engrossing screenplay. But with weak link of screenplay, characterizations and drama, it fails to achieve what it should have actually done.

Verdict : Falls short of expectations

Rating : 4/10

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