Monday Wit - When Vijay revolutionized comedy with ‘Ghilli’

When Vijay revolutionized comedy with ‘Ghilli’

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It happens to be an integral part of ‘Comedy’ genre in Tamil cinema or even the commercial one, where it was a mandatory thing to have at least one prominent comedian alongside hero. There have been times, when there were parallel comedy tracks, which was completely irrelevant to main premise of the film. It was initially Rajinikanth, who broke the barrier and such confinements by adding humour touch by himself alongside the other actors. Then by the 90s, the trend of comedians alongside heroes became a ritual. Even for Vijay, it had been the same as he had to have many comedians alongside him for humorous accompaniment. But then, he broke the myth and came up adding humour all by himself in the film ‘Ghilli’. Yes, the film had some comedy characters like Thaamu and few other actors. But it was completely Vijay’s show, where he managed to pull off the string of continuous humour throughout the film. Yet another highlighting trait about the film is that it was the first ever time in those times, where a villain character in a serious situation created impulsive laughter. All credits go to Prakash Raj for such a brilliant performance.

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