Tuesday Romance : When Kamal Haasan and Ajith Kumar embellished matured love

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu and Yennai Arindhaal – GVM’s matured love

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Obviously, Gautham Vasudev Menon has been considered and acclaimed as one of the most celebrated filmmaker not alone for his stylish make of films. But he is highly regarded for his portrayal of women in the films. He makes sure that they are projected in a much realistic shade and even his love stories too prove the same.

While keeping away his all time hit movies like Minnale and Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa aside, which are predominantly the classy romantic tales of GVM. But then, even his action packed thrillers have carried a sweet embellishment of love stories. To be precise, we tend to see that the protagonists in his movies – Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (Kamal Haasan) and Yennai Arindhaal (Ajith Kumar) are so much elegantly matured in handling their relationships.

Jyothika plays a divorcee with a baby and the protagonist beautifully adorns her life giving a meaningful decision. On the pars, the scenario persisted to be same in Ajith Kumar’s Yennai Arindhaal, where we find him gracefully embracing Trisha and her daughter as his own. Irrespective of the tragic culmination of his beloved, he continues to be in love with the daughter she gifted him as her memory.

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