Aruvi gets heavy downpour of praises from K-Town celebs

The red carpet premiere of Aruvi witnessed heavy downpour of praises from celebrities last night

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Dream Warrior Pictures has been relentlessly involved in the production of beautifully exceptional movies. The latest one to join the league is critically acclaimed Aruvi, directed by debut filmmaker Arun Prabhu Purushothaman starring Aditi Balan in lead role. Last night, many from the industry took part in the red carpet premiere show of this film and they have expressed their earnest appreciations towards the film.

Filmmakers Pushkar & Gayatri - “#Aruvi is a fascinating, deeply moving film!! Director Arun @thambiprabu89 brings a depth and soul to the film far beyond his years. He truly has empathy towards every character he has created. A bold new voice in Tamil Cinema!!! Damn proud of you!! The music and BGM of #Aruvi packs a huge emotional wallop. Actually, the cinematography, sound design and edit elevate the storytelling to whole new plane!!! A big shout out to @prabhu_sr and @DreamWarriorpic . You guys have been consistently making films that have pushed the boundaries of Tamil Cinema. #Aruvi is that cherry on top of your cake!!!” (Sic).

Harish kalyan - “#Aruvi One of the best films of this year..! Hats off to the whole team @DreamWarriorpic @prabhu_sr Especially the director, @AditiBalan Great performance #hardhitting” (Sic).

Arivazhagan - “#Aruvi - @thambiprabu89 succeeds with more sarcastic fun elements in an emotional bold story that makes it universally enjoyable. @AditiBalan steals with layers & all characters too well written 🏼 Applauds 2 @prabhu_sr sir for his parallel view of Cinema #RollingSir” (Sic).

Filmmaker Bakkiyaraj kannan‏ - “#Aruvi December storm Vera level padam ...Vera level ponnu ARUVI Best wishes team @thambiprabu89 @DreamWarriorpic @prabhu_sr Sir @srprakashbabu Sir

Producer Madan‏ - “#Aruvi - One more addition to Best Movies Of 2017. Thank You @thambiprabu89 & @prabhu_sr for an Awesome Movie & @AditiBalan & Others for Riveting Performance. Kudos to the TEAM” (Sic).

Nelson Venkatesan - “ Just out f #aruvi completely drenched.Wat a film to start ur career @thambiprabu89.Hats off 2 @prabhu_sr #srprakashbabu @DreamWarriorpic fr thr conviction n persisting wit quality content. @AditiBalan jst wow!Welcome 2 Tamil cinema Can't imagine any1 pulling dis f wit such ease” (Sic).

Ashok Selvan - Watched #Aruvi last night. The film is a rare gem that demands our celebration. Kudos to the entire team. The director has got a strong, Unique voice. Strongly recommended. Go for it!

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