Maayavan Movie Review

Could have been racier with loopholes-free elements

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Direction : C. V. Kumar
Production : Thirukumaran Entertainment
Starring : Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Jackie Shroff, Daniel Balaji
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography : Gopi Amarnath
Editing : Leo John Paul

Producer CV Kumar has churned out lots of promising films based on different genres. He makes his directorial debut with the film ‘Maayavan’. The film features Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripati and Jackie Shroff in lead roles. Ghibran has composed music for this film, which has cinematography handled by Gopi Amarnath.


Sundeep Kishan plays a police officer, who is severely injured while trapping a murderer. Couple of months after recovery, he resumes his job and during the process of investing the murder of an actress (Akshara Gowda) comes across similarities in pattern of this murder with the previous ones. This takes him through few more characters, who are in some way connected with these murders.


By the final credits, we tend to see the real life statements of world’s top billionaires and scientists giving their testimonies about a particular topic. Well, revealing it would be a spoiler and this happens to be the basic premise of this story. CV Kumar really deserves appreciations for picking up a plot that is so much unconventional in Tamil cinema. In fact, we would have not come across such a theme so far in the recent times. But the actual problem occurs with the technical and narrative style. Such a concept requires yet more high quality CG and production values. Throughout the film, we can sense that it is made at a shoestring budget. In spite of the screenplay by Nalan Kumarasamy proves to be perfect in places, the presentation turns out to be a disappointment. Especially, the editing turns out to be slightly amateur and it should have been crisp and intact. When compared to erstwhile works of Gopi Amarnath, his cinematography looks slightly disappointing. Who can forget his work in ‘Pizza’, which was completely shot inside a room? Songs by Ghibran are just fine and the film actually doesn’t need a song. But his background score is outstanding and lives exactly to the way script demands. There are few loopholes and logical quotients missing in the film, which should have been corrected.


Sundeep Kishan maintains a similar body language in all the films. Being a police officer deserves some apt and unique mannerisms, but here it is slightly missing. But his performance is so casual and yet convincing. Lavanya Tripati as a psychologist looks perfect for her role and her costumes have been very well designed. Daniel Balaji takes a cakewalk with his performance. Mime Gopi is good. Jackie Shroff appears exactly few minutes before the climax and creates a dreaded impact with his villainous looks.

What works?

1. Basic storyline and screenplay
2. Background score

What doesn’t work?

1. Logical issues and Loopholes
2. Editing

Maayavan deserves special mention for carrying a much unique premise in the backdrops, but has its slightest minus with the narration and technical aspects.

Rating : Could have been racier with loopholes-free elements.

Rating : 5/10

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