Chennai 2 Singapore Movie Review

Humorous in places

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Direction : Abbas Akbar
Production : Comicbook Films India Private Ltd
Starring : Gokul Anand, Rajesh Balachandiran, Anju Kurian, Shiv Keshav
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography : Karthick Nallamuthu
Editing : Praveen K. L.

Music director Ghibran has produced this film ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’, which features Gokul Anand, Rajesh Balachandran, Anju Kurian, Emcee Jesz and Shiva Keshav in lead roles. The film is directed by Abbas Akbar.


The story revolves around a struggling Indian filmmaker Harish, who is urged by situations to fly Singapore for meeting a producer. Everything from the time of his landing turns out to be a bizarre until he meets a Singaporean cinematographer Vaanambaadi, who refers him to a producer. But after coming across a girl (Anju Kurian), his entire life takes a turn leading to unexpected situations.


Certain movies are meant to be made as crossovers and Chennai 2 Singapore is definitely one such instance. It has its own style of bringing humour and emotions. It’s a simple tale that goes with entertainment stuffs in places and it could be liked by multiplex audiences. Director Abbas Akbar tries to place upbeat elements through the characters and some of the dialogues are even appreciable. “Nambikai Vaazhkai Illa. Thannambikkai Thaan Vaazhkai” (Life is not about confidence, But it is about self confidence). Such lines are really worthy of appreciations. The first half of the film is really engrossing with more fun and even technically well places. The songs by Ghibran completely fall into different genre and they are pictured with too much of English album based panache, which could have been slightly avoided though. The second half becomes too dragging, especially the climax that slightly touches the amateurish aspects. Cinematography is excellent with Singapore being captured with more beauty. This is the first time, we get to see that locations aren’t intentionally shown, but what is required for the script.


Gokul Anand does a complete justice to the role and has given the best that could make his characterization look justified. Rajesh Balachandran as Vaanambadi tickles our funny bones in many places. But at times, he sounds too loud, which could have been underplayed. But his performance is really best. Watch out for the sequences, where he creates laughter and the very next scene his interaction with a physically paralyzed kid moistens our eyes. Shiv Kesav carries the traces of Prashanth in his looks and his humorous sense works out only to a certain extent. Anju Kurian is perfect to her role.

What works?

1. Cinematography
2. Background score by Ghibran
3. Performances

What doesn’t work?

1. Weak screenplay
2. songs might not appeal to commercial music lovers
3. Dragging climax

Overall, Chennai 2 Singapore as mentioned on the first note will cater to the tastes of audiences, who love ‘Crossover Movies’. Yes, there are dull moments in the second half, which should have been modified and well narrated, which would have made it more appealing.

Verdict : Humorous in places

Rating : 4.5/10

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