Saturday Sizzle - When Rajinikanth’s Baba became first ‘Upload’ and ‘Download’ in Music

When Rajinikanth’s Baba became first ‘Upload’ and ‘Download’ in Music

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AR Rahman is always known for the explorer of new zones of music and is always ahead of times. This is one of the solid reasons, why we still admire his first album ‘Roja’ for it evolved music of new generation. Even now, his composing gets instantly grasped by youngsters for he makes sure of blending them with contemporary genres. During the recent times, playback singer Karthik recollected one of the best moments, where AR Rahman became the first one in Indian music industry to do something.

It was during the song recording of ‘Shakthi Kodu’ from Baba, when AR Rahman was in USA and playback singer Karthik was present in Chennai along with the team. Rahman just rang up phone to his studio and said that he has uploaded the scratch tune of the song and sent a mail. So it took nearly 5-6 hours to download the tune and then record it here in Chennai studio.

Karthik says that it is the first ever song to be done using this technology of uploading from other place and downloading it here.

This is one good reason why AR Rahman is always new and fresh with his music and ideas, isn’t it?

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