Aruvi - 5 strong female protagonists who never gave up their quest

5 strong female protagonists who never gave up their quest

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There happens to be a classification of such genre in Indian cinema, especially South zone, where certain movies are categorized into ‘Female Centric’ genres. But beyond such paradigms, few movies have crossed such myth and proved to be a universal hit. This is where even the male cohorts raised their hands for applause and ‘Aruvi’ has been witnessing such great acclaims for the reason that few characters travel with us more than a movie. In this context we bring you some of best female protagonists, who still travel in our memories.

36 Vayadhinile

She remains calm, innocuous, but is always brimming with ‘Never Give Up’ attitude. She goes in search of her achieving something and does it wholeheartedly. Vasanthi has been regarded as a reflection of many women in the contemporary society.


In Roja, we see that a woman going beyond all the hurdles and disturbance, even to the extent of meeting at hand the nearest death. This is all for the sake of getting back husband, who has been trapped as a victim by terrorists. It has been more than 25 years and still this Roja, the lady with a strong mind and heart travels with us.


in this film, it was much more noticeable that nothing can get better than a mother and daughter relationship in this world. Yes, Maya is a supernatural thriller that offers spine chilling moments in many places, but more than all the strong characterisation of Maya remains in our hearts even now.


In fact, this was one among the first kind of movies that established a strong characterisation for a woman. As mentioned earlier in introduction part, this is not a female centric full, but yet it emphasized so much of importance upon the central character of Jyothika.


The characterization of Nayantara highly proved that honesty, discipline and willpower are something beyond the classification of men and women. Here, Nayantara does not get indulged in any action sequences or bold scenes, but she is seen as a mighty personality.

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