“Balloon is an inspiration from 30-40 Hollywood horror films” – Sinish

‘Balloon’ director trolls ‘Mersal’ director

News 18-Dec-2017 11:30 AM IST RM Comments

Amidst lots of horror films, here is one more adding to the league as the year comes to an end. The film ‘Balloon’ is directed by Sinish, who had earlier been assistant to Nelson while shooting the dropped project ‘Vettai Mannan’ with STR in lead role. The filmmaker spoke on the occasion of promoting the film saying, “I am really thankful to my producers for standing by my side during all challenges and struggles. Dhilip Subbarayan was kind enough to get me reach the best actors onboard. I was really going through a struggling phase to meet producers and that’s when K.E. Gnanavel Raja asked me a horror film script. I immediately happened to watch 30-40 horror films and get ready with a script. In fact, I have mentioned the entire list of movies that inspired me.”

He continued to add saying, “I feel that’s the right way to credit the creative works. It is not like making a film like Mouna Ragam and not saying that I have not watched Mouna Ragam at all.”

It is worth mentioning that Atlee was always been on headlines for his movies like ‘Raja Rani’ and ‘Mersal’ being compared with classical hits like ‘Mouna Ragam’ and ‘Aboorva Sagodharargal’. A noteworthy fact is that Panchu Subbu and Venkat Prabhu even shared their views on the Twitter pages regarding this before few months.

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