Tuesday Romance - Three unique love stories in one film

Three unique love stories in one film

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y the early 2000s, the genre of love stories gradually started declining as many heroes and directors opted for ‘Gangsters’ and ‘Mafia’ plots. It was actually end of the ‘Love’ era, where Rajeev Menon made a beautiful entertainer ‘Kandukondein Kandukondein’. The specialty of this film was that in spite of having the India’s biggest names, everyone remained so much adherent to the roles and plots. Moreover, the film was highly regarded for the reason that it involved three different dimensions of love story.

Mammootty-Aishwarya Rai : This was completely a transformation of a girl, who accepts the reality and good heart of someone, who really cares for her well being. Mammootty plays retired military officers, whose leg was amputated during the war.

Abbas-Aishwarya Rai : This combination of pairing was highly regarded during that time for the chocolate boy Abbas had huge fan following. But then, his characterization and love story with Aishwarya Rai was something between fantasy and reality. Both these characters go through crucial situations, which let them split ways.

Ajith Kumar-Tabu : A kind of matured and decent love, where they fall in love with more responsibilities. For them, situations are the biggest conflicts and how they overcome with beautiful ending made it more appealing.

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