Throwback Thursday - India’s first ever Trilingual movie with same star-cast

India’s first ever Trilingual movie with same star-cast

Features 28-Dec-2017 1:00 PM IST RM Comments

These days, we have been coming across the term ‘Trilingual’ and ‘Bilingual’ as a sort of great accomplishment in contemporary cinema. But here is something that will leave all of us so much spellbound. It is recorded as a history that our very own Tamil film industry was the first one to release India’s first ever trilingual movie. The movie titled ‘Kanchana’ was based on the famous short story ‘Kanchanayin Kanavu’, which was regularly published in Ananda Vikatan magazine in 1950s. The film had the same star-cast in all three languages – Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The latter was titled ‘Kanjana’ with ‘Kanchana’ retained for Telugu and Tamil version. The film was highly celebrated for it had social relevance of reflecting the problems of women at that point of time in society. This became the first ever Indian movie to be released trilingual with same star-cast and yet became a successful hit.

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