Balloon movie review

Doesn’t scare you anywhere, but slightly offers fun

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Direction : Sinish
Production : 70mm Entertainment and Farmer's Master Plan Productions
Starring : Jai, Anjali, Janani Iyer
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : R. Saravanan
Editing : Ruben

Filmmaker Sinish makes his directorial debut with the film 'Balloon', which has Jai, Anjali and Janani Iyer in lead roles. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed music for this film, which has cinematography handled by Saravanan. Auraa Cinemas has produced this film, which happens to be a horror comedy.


An Aspiring filmmaker Jeevanandham (Jai) decides to write a script based on Supernatural thriller. As a part of this project, he travels along with his wife (Anjali), his friends (Yogi Babu) and little nephew to visit a haunted place in hill station. Has the numbers stay there any nearby place; they soon start witnessing paranormal activities happening around them.


It is quite evident that movies based on horror genre have become a ritualistic part of every Friday. Despite director claiming that he has mentioned the list of horror movies that inspire him to make balloon, we get to see that those are not inspirations reflections, but a blunt and Reproduction of what you happen to watch in those movies. Tamil cinema has been going through the Rough Seas of offering horror-comedy that works only in few places, but in most cases it offers just a disappointment. Balloon is a horror comedy, which does not have any spine chilling moments, but instead have some witty one liner that might impress audiences. Since it is a routine horror movie with flashbacks and revenge seeking ghosts, there isn't much to speak about those highlighting traits. On the technical part cinematography by Saravanan happens to the most top notch highlight of this movie. Both the cinematographer and DI technicians have done a remarkable job. The song and background score by one Shankar Raja or just brilliant, especially with the latter category, he scores the best it would be better if filmmakers internal cinema would stop trying to get attention from Ajith and Vijay fans or by making any other references of current sensation. Balloon has a lot of sequences based on these factors that includes the atoms to capture Ajith Vijay fans and even Oviya. There are only few twists and eerie moments in the tale though.


Jai looks the same as in all his previous movies and he has no improvisations with his body language. It’s really disappointing to see him perform in the same levels in all movies. Anjali gives her best with lots of dedication towards her role. Janani Iyer appearing during the flashback portions gets her job done well. Yogi Babu is the only convincing factor who arouses laughter with his one-liners. Others in the cast have given what is required for the role.

What works?

1. BGM by Yuvan Shankar Raja
2. Cinematography
3. One liners by Yogi Babu in few places

What doesn’t work?

1. Routine ghost story
2. Screenplay

As on whole, ‘Balloon’ is yet another disappointing flick in the genre of ‘Horror-Comedy’. It would be a better suggestion if filmmakers decide to give up on this mixed genre and try purely with ‘Horror’ as in Siddarth’s Aval.

Verdict : Doesn’t scare you anywhere, but slightly offers fun

Rating : 4/10

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