Sangu Chakkram Movie Review

Perfect treat for kids and family audiences

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Direction : Maarison
Production : Cinemawala Pictures, Leo Visions, Diya Movies
Starring : Gheetha, Dhilip Subbarayan, N.Raja, Pradeep
Music : Shabir
Cinematography : Ravi Kannan
Editing : Vijay Velkutty

Filmmaker Maarison, a former associate of P Vasu makes his directorial debut with the movie ‘Sangu Chakkram’. The film features young kids in lead roles, which happens to be a comedy based fantasy drama with ghost elements.


The film focuses into different plots that get conjoined by a single location. Dhilip Subbarayan plays a fraudulent person, who hatches plans to kidnap 6 kids for ransom money from parents. There are cruel guardians who want to kill the young boy Nishesh, the only heir to 500Cr worth property. A real estate businessman brings in a conjurer to banish the ghosts inside a bungalow so as to sell the land for a big amount. Another person tries to make use of the alienated bungalow for his pleasure with a girl. All these characters come into the same bungalow, where they start witnessing the presence of a ghost.


There are times, where the intentions of producers would be completely different from what we see as an output in films. Over here, their vision is clear, which is to entertain kids and family audiences. Moreover, amidst many stereotypical horror movies, this one stays apart without having any flashbacks or ghosts to seek revenge. They’re shown as existing entities inside the house. The different plots and characterizations are very well etched. In fact, the writing seems to be pretty clear about the focus that everyone who comes to the bungalow have an evil intention and desire to be gratified, where the ghosts have nothing but to take care of that place. The dialogues turn to be one of the decent attractions in this movie. Be it the one uttered by ghosts or even Dhilip Subbarayan as he says, “God! When you’re not able to save good men, how would you save me?” The emotions and humour have been conveyed with substantial dialogues by Maarison and his team of writers. It’s quite appreciable that the makers haven’t included unwanted comedy tracks, songs or flashbacks. Cinematography and background score enhance the screenwriting to a decent degree. There are few flip sides, which is duration. For few people, the entire premise set inside in a single house after stretch of hours might hamper their attention. But it doesn’t seem like a major barricade.


Punnagai Poo Geetha appearing as ghost has given her best into the show alongside Monika. Other kids in the film have given a naturalistic appeal to the movie. Dhilip Subbarayan clicks with the shades of crooked conman that is blended with humour. Others in the cast have lived up to the expectations.

What works?

1. The complete package of ‘Kids’ elements
2. Dialogues
3. Cinematography and BGM

What doesn’t work?

1. The track involving lovers hidden there in bungalow
2. The extended climax like episodes with police

Overall, Sangu Chakkram being a full-fledged kids’ movie does a complete justice to the genre. The film tries to deliver decent entertainment to the children with a good moral message through emotions, humour and dialogues.

Verdict : Perfect treat for kids and family audiences

Rating : 5/10

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