Ashok Selvan’s triple avatars in Oxygen

Ashok Selvan will be sporting three different looks in his upcoming film Oxygen

News 3-Jan-2018 12:30 PM IST RM Comments

Ashok Selvan had been so far attempting with soft roles and for the first ever time would be seen in a different light. The actor will be playing a rugged and rustic guy in his upcoming film titled ‘Oxygen’. The film is directed by Anand Krishna, who made his debut as a filmmaker through the film ‘Metro’. Sharing the new avatar of Ashok Selvan, director Anand Krishna says, “Ashok Selvan plays a honest person, whose life undergoes a major change in an unexpected turn of event. He will be seen in three different looks, which is a youngster, family man and rugged look.”

Major portions of the film has been already completed and only few more is pending to get the entire project wrapped up. The reason behind titling the film as Oxygen is to signify that honest people are the oxygen of society.

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