Throwback Thursday - A box office disaster in Hindi, blockbuster remake in Tamil

A box office disaster in Hindi, blockbuster remake in Tamil

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These days, we come across the words ‘Blockbusters and its remakes’ frequently. It happens that every producer, actor and director attempts to remake any of the blockbuster hits in any languages into their own regional versions. This is a safe bet for the trade and career graph as well. But here is a surprising illustration, where a box office disaster movie in Hindi was remade in Tamil, thereby becoming a box office hit.

Gemini Ganesan starrer ‘Ramu’ made in 60s was a remake of Hindi film titled ‘Door Gagan Ki Chhaan Mein’ that featured Kishore Kumar in lead role. The film didn’t cross even 4 days in theatre and was declared a box office disaster. Later, AVM Productions acquired the remake rights of this film in Tamil to make it with Jai Shankar in lead role. But Gemini Ganesan, who had been going through back to back flops came forward to play the lead role with a less remuneration than his usual figure. The film became a huge box office success of 100 days.

This is due to the modification in screenplay that added more proper justification to the characterizations and script than the original version.

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