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The songs in Tik Tik Tik will brew up only with visuals

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Following a decent hit album of ‘Miruthan’, director Sakthi Soundarajan, D Imman and Jayam Ravi are coming together for Tik Tik Tik. As acclaimed by everyone, this happens to be India’s first ever space based thriller. The album has six tracks in addition to couple of Karaoke.

Tik Tik Tik (Title Track)
Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Yogi B and Sunitha Sarathy
Lyrics: Madan and Yogi B

The song has the energy pumped up into the composing. There has been a good synch between the music director and lyricist. The rhyming ends over the lines with the instrumental quotients work the best results. D Imman has worked on lots of detailing into the song that includes the fill-in voices including the Carnatic vocals we hearing in between the lines. The percussions are also neatly orchestrated and Yogi Babu adds up the icing of cake with his routinely spellbinding rap verses.

Kurumba (Father’s Love)
Singer: Sid Sriram

Having read the title as ‘Father’s Love’, we do expect a matured voice, but when Sid Sriram gets into the picture, it completely changes the emotional grammar. We don’t mean to say that the song doesn’t engage us, but someone like Vijay Yesudas or Madhu Balakrishnan would have done justice to beatifying the lines that speak about a father’s love for his son. Moreover, the song reminds off D Imman’s musical hit ‘Senthoora’.

Vin Veera
Singers: Ranjith Govind and Sri Rascol

Hard rock metal happens to be the central premise of this song with the swing in mode for rhythmic accompaniment. This song sounds like a montage number and it will have its prominence through the visual narration. Sri Rascol’s rendition of rap lines sound more like Yogi B. The instrumental portions during the interludes that are short in duration are done exquisitely.

Kurumba Reprise (Mother’s Love)
Singer: Mirthula Siva

We had earlier mentioned in the male version of this song claiming that it has more similarities to music director D Imman’s ‘Senthoora’ in Bogan. With the female version, it has so much of close relevance. The classical style that she renders between the lines by Miruthala Siva is commendable.

Race Against Time

The theme music has a running length of 2 minutes, which gives a kind of raciness and eeriness bounded together. We can indeed imagine the visuals of how special it is going to be. The chord works and orchestral strings combined together make it more appealing apart from the main instrumentals.

Far Beyond Earth

The basic rhythmic work reminiscences of the famous ‘The X-Files’ theme and it has a much significant role for the sound. The sound effects dominate towards a greater degree and the choice of instrumentals is extraordinary.

Overall, Tik Tik Tik looks like a film that doesn’t have placement of songs and all of them sound like a montage number. But D Imman has given his best with last couple of theme music, which is best than the songs.

Verdict : The songs in Tik Tik Tik will brew up only with visuals

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