Monday Wit - when a revenge story had hilarious climax

when a revenge story had hilarious climax

Features 8-Jan-2018 2:58 PM IST RM Comments

It happens that movies that are based on revenge happen to be having a racy screenplay with lots of emotions. But Attakathi Dinesh starrer Thirudan police happened to be a much different one. This film attempted something different that made everyone imbibed to complete surprise and fun filled entertainment in a serious premise.

Attakathi Dinesh plays an innocent person who goes in search of the murderers who killed his father, who happens to be here honest police officer? While audiences expect that the film is going to be a much action thriller, the director places the drama in hilarious style, especially the climax, which is still regarded as one of the best ones till the date.

The antagonists who killed the hero's father are held as captives and are tortured with his sentimental talks. This created an unbelievable thunder of applause in Wizards in the theatres, which is first of its kind experience for every audience.

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