Bhaagamathie Trailer Review

Bhaagamathie Trailer Review

Features 9-Jan-2018 11:59 AM IST RM Comments

Anushka Shetty and Supernatural Thrillers have been synonymous over a long span of time. In fact, the actress could come out of the regular stereotypical commercial zone and create a new genre of female centric genre through ‘Arundhati’. Aftermath, she has experimented with various genres that were mainly dominated by period. Now ‘Bhaagamathie’ seems to be a little unconventional, where it could be a mix of both supernatural and period backdrops. It takes us through lots of past memories like Chandramukhi, Arundhati and many more of such paradigm. The running length of Bhaagamathie theatrical trailer has the best moments. The immediate thing that gets into our minds is the final punch dialogue ‘What do you guys think about this place? Is it a charity home for everyone to come and go? This is Bhaagamathie Fort’. This scene is definitely going to create thundering applause and whistles for the mass elements. In fact, this could be considered as a hilarious element, where the protagonist can be regarded as the representative of many ghosts, who could be annoyed over many strangers getting and out of the haunted places just like that in many movies.

Getting rigid with the technical analysis, we can sense the dubbing with the voices of few actors. It happens that Anushka never strains in exerting efforts over stunt sequences and fast motion is used to create the raciness. We find the similar instances in the Bhaagamathie theatrical trailer.

But overall, we can expect a racy supernatural film that will definitely offer the best enthrallments to the audiences.

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